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Summer Model Calls - 5 Tips On Putting Together Summer Outfits

What a summer - this last week, after putting together the first wave of our model calls for Momma Bear Boutique, I’m so pleased to share some of the results - and I can't wait to see the next little models in my studio.

Summer photoshoots can be a challenge - because the weather can be anything from cool, to comfortable, to unbearably hot, planning on outfits can be tough. Here are five tips on how to put your babies, toddlers, and kids into outfits that make you look like you’ve been a fashionista for ever!

Five Tips on Outfits for Summer Photography Sessions

1. For summer shoots, especially when the setting will be outside, keep your clothing choices light and airy so that your littles will not get hot or stuffy. Nothing puts a damper on a summer shoot faster than having children get miserable because they’re hot. If things have the possibility to get cool, maybe throw a light piece of outerwear in your bag, just in case - it’s much easier to add something in a pinch than it is to remove a piece (that you really wanted to see in the pictures). For materials, stick with cotton and linen and softness is key - anything that will get itchy will get worse with the heat.

2. Neutrals, especially tan, and white will cover the largest range of potential settings. Regardless of whether you’re inside or outside for your photo shoot, a tan/white combination will match virtually anything, and when you find those splashes of color in the setting (hello, sunflower mini-sessions!), this color scheme will keep your littles as the focal points in the shoot.

3. Mix in a few patterns, but don’t get too busy. Classic and traditional plaids and florals work great, as do stripes, but don’t get too crazy here. And, of course, don’t mix patterns within the same outfit, it gets too busy too fast.

4. For multiple kids, shoot for matching colors but not for identical matching, unless you specifically are going for an identical match theme. If you’re on the fence, keep them close but a little variation generally produces the best results.

5. Even when not going for identically-matched outfits, feel free to match the patterns. They aren’t overpowering or too busy, and will add a theme to your pictures that you’ll really love.

That's it for now - remember, if you ever need any suggestions or want to bounce an idea off of us, please feel free to reach out! Take a look at our summer selections at Momma Bear Boutique and let us know if you'd like to put a package together!


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